Five Paint Protection Myths

Misleading marketing and sketchy sales tactics to avoid when looking for paint protection for your new vehicle

If you have just purchased a new vehicle, or you are about to take delivery, here are some myths that we can shed some light on. You’ve no doubt heard some extremely pushy aftermarket sales from the dealership and even some bold claims by independent protection installers. If you don’t want to fall for “The Dealership Rip” or find out you’ve been tricked by a backyard detailer, read on…

1. “This Product has a Lifetime Warranty”

MYTH! There is simply no such thing and is set up for failure. Dealership salespeople use the “lifetime warranty” statement claim to push aftercare products on you during the sale of the vehicle. The misleading part they don’t disclose is that lifetime warranty only means the lifetime of the warranty of the car. Read that again. If your new car has a 3-year warranty, that’s the warranty limit of all aftercare accessories including paint protection and tint purchased from the dealer.

2. “This product is Self-Healing”

MYTH! The way a ceramic paint protection is manufactured, applied, and cured to be a harder surface than your paint clear coat, there is no way it can also be self-healing or self-repairing. Quality ceramic protection products have a MOHS hardness scale rating of 9h being the highest rating on the scale.

3. “You never have to Wax your car again”

MYTH! Although you don’t have to buy and use expensive and exotic products, you do still have to clean and maintain a professional quality paint protection application on a regular basis.

4. “Anyone can install ceramic paint protection”

MYTH! Genuine Industry-Leading protection manufacturers ensure that installers are trained, certified and have appropriate facilities to correct surfaces, cure the ceramic, offer maintenance, and warranty conditions. If the installer is applying the protection outside in an uncontrolled environment and is not a certified installer you will find that you will have no genuine warranty and the products used are inferior.

5. “If you don’t use the Dealership product, you will void your vehicle warranty”

MYTH! An extremely dodgy sales tactic used to scare the buyer. It’s always a wise decision to avoid the dealer package and have your protection and aftercare parts installed by a dedicated facility with genuine warranty conditions.


Always do your research. Read about the manufacturer’s products and reputation, the installers facility, social ratings, and reviews and most importantly ask lots of questions!

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