Terms and Conditions

Effective 1st January 2019 Please read and understand our terms and conditions that have been put in place. They are here to make our experience a more positive one and ensure our time together is safe, professional, and most of all enjoyable.

1. Bookings

1.1 All appointments need to be booked in and confirmed. Unless otherwise stated, we cannot accept walk-in jobs.

1.2 Appointments will be discussed, and customers info will be required to fill out the booking form. this includes Full Name, Driver’s Licence Number Contact Phone Number, email address, Vehicle Rego, Vehicle Make, Vehicle Model, Vehicle Year, Vehicle Colour. Other Information may be required during booking, for example when to define multiple fleet bookings.

1.3 All bookings require a deposit to secure your selected appointment. The deposit is 100% non-refundable unless the appointment has been re-booked by the customer or cannot be fulfilled by Diamond Detailing Perth due to injury or illness etc. A screenshot, screen grab, bank transaction receipt will confirm your booking to us. Diamond Detailing Perth may call or message the customer close to the booking date if the deposit still hasn’t been received but is not standard practice.

1.4 Customers must adhere to the agreed booking arrival time and extra cost may occur if the customer is late and has not notified Diamond Detailing Perth.

2. Vehicles under the care of Diamond Detailing Perth

2.1 All Vehicles are, under no uncertain terms, considered to be in a safe and roadworthy condition. Any damage that occurs to the property of Diamond Detailing Perth, or the property of others are the sole-responsibility of the vehicle owner.

2.2 All vehicles are handled with the highest of care and experience, although no responsibility is taken by Diamond Detailing Perth for unforeseen or unknown damage that may occur from our standard detailing process including but not limited to perished seals, gaskets, fixtures, paint, electrical system.

3. Social Ratings and Reviews

3.1 diamond detailing Perth have you and your vehicle at the front of mind, meaning we aim to always give friendly honest advice, and the best possible outcome for your budget and vehicle. If by chance you believe you aren’t happy with the outcome, our service or any other reason please contact us immediately to discuss. We will make it our goal to bring the issue to light asap.

3.2 All negative social feedback given, without first discussing with Diamond Detailing Perth will be considered to have been done to damage our reputation, and will be removed by legal representative means.

3.3 Diamond Detailing Perthhave at all times a conscious effort to maintain a clean and flawless brand image. Any posts, tags, mentions, or similar will be removed and blocked instantly.


4.1 All written quotes are meant only for the person Diamond Detailing Perth gave it to. Sharing, with any other person or party unless discussed and agreed by both. Where a quote needs to be provided to a company for example your insurance company, or vehicle repair company, Diamond Detailing Perth will email all parties associated.

4.2 All quotes are valid only for 3-months from written date.

4.3 Diamond Detailing Perth reserve the right to amend the quote. For example, changes to the scope of the work, or product price increases. 4.4 Quotes are not a contract and Diamond Detailing Perth are not committed or bound by the cost or description in the quote contents.


5.1 All payments will be made in full before collection of vehicle. The owner must make all sufficient preparations to have payments cleared correctly.

5.2 Payment methods acceptable are either Cash or Bank transfer only.

5.3 All bank transfers must be verified with an appropriate transaction receipt.

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