“Certified by Boeing” what it really means


If you are in the market for new car paint protection and you have spent a minute or two shopping around and reading some pretty hyped-up marketing blurbs, you’ve probably come across some statements from companies that their paint protection is “certified by Boeing” and is “used by Boeing” or “Boeing use this on all of their aeroplanes” … Wow right?! Well, no. Actually far from wow. In-fact its very misleading.

What is Boeing

Let’s talk about where the Boeing thing came into it. As a company, and completely separate from their aeroplane manufacturing plants, Boeing offer an amazing range of independent testing facilities around the world in over 200 sites. Ranging from engineering, Wind tunnels, propulsion, structural, electromagnets, environmental all the way down to chemical and product ingredient testing.

Why you shouldn’t buy into the hype

As ceramic paint protection progressed around 15 years ago, manufacturers would have their products tested by independent testing facilities to ensure the consistent quality of their products. Leading ceramic protection companies could then offer a much higher standard than others. This was also adopted by other manufacturers to varied degrees. Unfortunately, as this information was over-hyped by installers and marketing tactics to make their products sound better than they actually are, the “Certified by Boeing” quickly became “used by Boeing” and even more imaginative statements.

What to Look Out For

The facts. As a whole, the “Certified By” statement isn’t bad, but it doesn’t mean anything to the consumer. It just means the facility has checked that the product has the ingredients in that the manufacturer says it does. Good ingredients or Bad. Yes, you can ceramic coat an aeroplane and we have seen some amazing private jets coated here in Perth Western Australia, but the truth is that Boeing does not use Automotive Ceramic Paint Protection to coat their aeroplanes.

What we Recommend

The conclusion is to stay away from bold and misleading marketing and pushy sales tactics of any kind. If it sounds too good to be true, it most certainly is. Stay with trustworthy industry-leading ceramic paint protection manufacturers like Wax is Dead, make sure they have strict installer guidelines and you will enjoy high performing genuine performance without the disappointment.

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