Discussing the tree types of Paint Protection

Despite all the misleading marketing, there are only three types of paint protection you can use to protect your vehicle


  1. WAX. A natural 100% organic product usually made of Carnauba wax or similar. Cheap and easy to apply with water beading properties and glossy finish only. Has a maximum performance duration of only weeks in Western Australian conditions.

  1. POLYMER SEALANTS. A synthetic wax. Man-made ingredients are designed to repel water and sunlight with an average to high gloss factor. Easy to apply and lasts for up to 12 months in our Western Australian conditions. *This is the limit of dealership protection offerings, despite the hyped marketing and inflated costs.


  1. CERAMIC COATINGS. A man-made nano-particle base of ingredients designed to chemically bond to the applied surface, fill in imperfections and create an impenetrable surface. The ceramic must be applied in a controlled environment and correctly IR cured. It has the ability to resist water, dirt, chemicals, and UV sunlight. It has a performance duration of up to 10-years and is currently the most technically advanced product to protect your paint.

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