Why Graphene Paint Protection Could Be Detrimental to Your Vehicle

Graphene has garnered attention for its exceptional industrial properties, boasting strength and conductivity that make it a sought-after material. However, when it comes to ceramic paint protection for vehicles, incorporating graphene may not be the optimal choice for several reasons. The conductivity of graphene poses significant challenges in its application to ceramic paint protection. Its […]

Discussing the tree types of Paint Protection

Despite all the misleading marketing, there are only three types of paint protection you can use to protect your vehicle   WAX. A natural 100% organic product usually made of Carnauba wax or similar. Cheap and easy to apply with water beading properties and glossy finish only. Has a maximum performance duration of only weeks […]

“Certified by Boeing” what it really means

Introduction If you are in the market for new car paint protection and you have spent a minute or two shopping around and reading some pretty hyped-up marketing blurbs, you’ve probably come across some statements from companies that their paint protection is “certified by Boeing” and is “used by Boeing” or “Boeing use this on […]

5 Reasons to Avoid Dealership Paint Protection for your New Vehicle

Family Guy listening to dodgy car dealership sales pitch

Car dealerships are skilled at crafting narratives of reliability and longevity when selling vehicles. However, amidst these promises, a shadowy realm emerges where aftercare accessories are often overhyped and of questionable value. Tinting, extended warranties, and paint protection plans are touted as essential safeguards for investments, yet they frequently come with inflated performance claims and […]

Five Paint Protection Myths

Misleading marketing and sketchy sales tactics to avoid when looking for paint protection for your new vehicle If you have just purchased a new vehicle, or you are about to take delivery, here are some myths that we can shed some light on. You’ve no doubt heard some extremely pushy aftermarket sales from the dealership […]

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